Theatre is more than the performance of a text. It is a ritualized experience. At its optimum, that experience changes lives. As a dramaturg, I draw on ten years of experience working internationally at the leading edge of new aesthetic forms as well as classical theatre dramaturgy. I have a particular interest in work that is political at the level of form as well as content, adaptations and translations of classic texts, and work that uses material drawn from reality. My projects have drawn on internet and media technologies, private letters, ritual practices, boardgames, incantations, and non-art practices. Contact me.

Script-reading and editing

I offer script-reading services at prices that can be tailored to individual budgets. Script-reading is an invaluable step in the writing process. As a writer, director and dramaturg, I can offer notes on your script on all stages of the process from concept to performance. I combine a thoroughgoing understanding of classical theatrical dramaturgy with an experimental approach that prioritizes craft and rigour at all stages of the process. Contact me.


I’ve led workshops on experimental dramaturgy at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and the Austrian Cultural Forum and led a collaboration between MA dramaturgy students and Berlin’s Volksbühne. I specialize in experimental dramaturgy, finding ways to tell stories in new ways, so that theatre produces an experience. I also teach workshops in translation and adaptation. Contact me.