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The memory theatre is shaped like a classical theater, and is exactly like one, except in one respect. Instead of the spectator sitting in the seats looking down on the stage, she stands in the center and looks up. Instead of being the recipient of the performance, she is its creator. Instead of the audience being its object, they constitute its subjects.


All around the theater these emblematic subjects - 49 in total - 7 performers arranged on each of seven rows, ordered and properly categorized. Each subject has a script to perform in dialogue with the others. The order and combination of the performance is determined by the spectator.


All the spectator has to do is meditate on these emblematic images and the entirety of knowledge stored in that section of the theater is called immediately to mind.


In its  multiduinous combinations this living theatre contains everything known, and - it is claimed - everything that can be known. By means of the doctrine of places and images, the spectator can hold in the mind and all things that exist in the world."


- Moscow, February, 2016.

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